terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2011

Justice prevents tanning for cosmetic purposes in Brazil as determined by standard Anvisa

The Attorney General of the Union (AGU) has, in court, the continuing validity of thestandard National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance (Anvisa) that prohibited theperformance of artificial tanning for cosmetic purposes in the country. The AGU has achieved victories in other similar cases.

The federal attorney general of the 1st Region (PRF1) and the Federal Prosecutor (PF) along Anvisa explained that according to Law 9.782/99 the Agency has the power to regulate, regulate, control and monitoring products and services that evolve health riskpublic, which makes legitimate Resolution 56/2009 on tanning. Moreover, said that the right to protection of health takes precedence over the right to free exercise of economic activity.

According to federal prosecutors, several scientific studies have been used for the standard edition. Indoor tanning for cosmetic purposes was banned after extensive debate with society, through public hearings and consultations properly disclosed. AGUAnvisa stressed that opened the opportunity for debate, demonstrating that we observed the principles of advertising, contradictory and full defense.
The beautician that triggered the Justice argued that the norm of Anvisa has no force oflaw and therefore could not prohibit the use of artificial tanning equipment.


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