segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2011

The Brazilian domestic debt default

The internal debt of Brazil reaches $ 1.1 tri (one point one trillion U.S. dollars), not countingthe hundreds of millions of dollars of loans offered by regional development banks such as BNDES, which assumes that large part of this Everest of public money, taking as collateral, property and assets gelatinous, and that will never return to the coffers of thetreasury.

Note that the possibility of a debt default is real and certain, and the population, that thewait time to receive some assets, on account of shares and rights in the face of federal,state and municipal levels, the vast impaired, since there is expects to receive their meager rights already recognized, even in this climactic life of glamor palace.

The degradation of our public finances is closely linked to the disastrous populistadministrations, who settled in the federal entities, where its primary purpose is the shapeof the pyramid and pharaonic leaders and associations, no matter what the price to be paid for such an undertaking narcissistic .

By Julio Cunha

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