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Brazil's Embraer is the target of protectionism in the U.S.

Embraer became the target of a campaign of protectionism in the United States, whose goal is to prevent it from winning a contract from the Air Force nearly $ 1 billion.
The Brazilian company participates in a competition of the U.S. Air Force to supply 20 aircraft (which can reach 55) to be used in Afghanistan and the U.S.. The Super Tucano Embraer competes with the American AT-6 Hawker Beechcraft, who joined Lockheed Martin for the competition.

The offensive protectionism is occurring at three levels: legislators from Kansas, which is based Hawker, ordered the opening of an investigation by the International Trade Commission (ITC) to determine whether the Company is receiving grants from the Brazilian government, which would be illegal.

At the same time, advocates of Hawker launched a public relations campaign pressing the Defense Department to give the contract to the U.S. company, Embraer because victory would "eliminate 1,400 U.S. jobs at a time of recession" and would "outsource security U.S. national, leaving it in the hands of a foreign company. "

Finally, the Hawker prepares to attack the Company in its most vulnerable flank. "It is possible that a company being investigated for corruption to continue participating in the competition, we will request that Congress establish a commission of inquiry over the contract," which was a deputy for 15 years at Kansas, and now is a consultant for Hawker.

Embraer is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM U.S.) on a possible violation of anti-corruption law abroad.

Embraer was limited to sending a statement. "This investigation (SEC) is only an investigation and any conclusions about their potential outcomes are premature," wrote Jackson Schneider, vice president of Institutional Relations of Embraer.Sometimes sought, Hawker did not comment.
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