quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011

Israelis and Palestinians: Enough to raise flags, it's time to negotiate

The speech of U.S. President, Barack Obama, the UN General Assembly, as shown by the representative of the greatest nation the world has real knowledge of that concernseveryone in the conflict that occurs between the Palestinian and Israeli peoples.

It is not simply the will of one or more state, with its affirmative circumstantial, that mayend all the conflicts of these people in a region that is now teeming with popular uprisings against regimes lasting, as in the Middle East because these disputes overterritories and occupations of government have dragged on for thousands of years, and it is the conflicting parties reach agreement, as seen by the Palestinians protesting against the occupation of the state, claiming lands and on the other hand the Israeliseeking to maintain his achievements and the security of its people.

And taking too simplistic a party for people who are fighting, using sticks and stones, in conflict with a powerful nation like the state of Israel, but the fact is that these armies of heroes Palestinians making use of devastating weapons, if they had the opportunity toscreens, and certainly seek to decimate once all peoples and nations opposed to their interests because it is to have is power.

So it's not cheguevaristas thoughts with the leaders of the nation associated or not totake for granted, an order of a century-old conflict, and has no real knowledge of thisscourge, in order to intercede, and must therefore seek the understanding of allinvolved, and yet a celebration of the beginning of lasting peace, always by way ofnegotiation and understanding of peoples in conflict.

By Julio Cunha

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