quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2011

The reverse of public health.

The reverse of public health.
In Dilma, one of the sectors of greatest concern to be sure everyoneconcerned, most public health is screaming for an effective policy of government, if it exists, because what we have is a poor managementof health, arising from the previous administration, and maintenance of a lack of policy in this area, not counting the ones that state and local skate in a wave of foreign governance needs of the poorest people of this country.
We will not concern ourselves here with President Obama to do theback with the public health policy of the United States, but to focus onour problems, which are striking, more every day is makeup to the wonderful world of television media, without the less nonsense standson what is real or fiction piece government.
If your colleagues will solve such problems, the President Dilma are stuck in the campaign process, if their behavior and averse to the interests of public health that need.

By Julio Cunha

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