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Russia and China veto sanctions against Syria is "historical"

The UN has experienced a historic journey with the decision of Moscow and Beijing to impose their vetoes draft resolution to the Security Council that defined punitive measures against the Syrian regime, said on Wednesday told AFP the counselor ofPresident Bashar al-Assad.

"It's a historic day, because Russia and China, and many nations united against the injustices," said Buthaina Shaaban.

"I think the Syrians are happy to see that there are powers in the world and againsthegemony and military intervention in internal affairs of countries," he told AFP.

"By imposing their vetoes placed themselves next to the Syrian people and gave ustime to continue with reforms to get to political pluralism without, have to suffer the sufferings suportandos by Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan," Shaaban acrescetou.

"I'm glad we're tired of colonization and hegemony of the West. We are tired of the injustices imposed by the West, that by using the Security Council and other authoritiescontrol everything."

On Tuesday, Russia and China, permanent members of the Security Council, vetoed a draft resolution threatening the Assad regime by the bloody repression of demonstrations against the president.

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