terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

Dilma UN Circus

Brazil is the most fun. In the pantomime of the UN General Assembly, the country appeared again with a new.
After the workers' chief, the chief wife. More number one infallible. Never before in the history of a woman opened the UN General Assembly session etc etc.
And who is this great female icon who entered the history of international diplomacy?
According to the magazine "Newsweek" cover story in, Rousseff is so severe that a commander would have made state bureaucrats fall into tears.
The magazine also says that the president feared the corrupt Brazilian dusted and replaced them with people you trust, always led by other women.
"Do not mess with Dilma" is the title of the report. But it could also be: "Wonder Woman of Newsweek."
Better not to counter it. Could not we put the super Dilma on the cover if the story was told right: the corrupt fired were "people of trust", or the confidence of his godfather.
The woman chosen to lead his government Dilma Erenice was the queen of influence peddling.
The tough commander who, in the literature of "Newsweek", leads grown men to tears, in real life is the bewildered president, who spends his first year in office to share positions in their company - and in his spare time dismiss those who unmasks the press.
In Brasilia, Dilma said the cleanup would not be guided by the press. In New York, said that the press is vital for cleaning.
In Brazil, roars his party by "social control" of the media and she clams up. At the UN, presents itself as a militant freedom of expression.
It is a fairy tale that the circus of international diplomacy loves.
Rousseff clicked into place in the UN General Assembly. At a meeting traditionally useless, gave his speech traditionally bland.
Among the pearls of a statesman-wife was diagnosed, so to speak, sensitive to the global crisis: the lack of solutions "is not for lack of financial resources" of rich countries, "for lack of political resources."
It was the idea he needed to leave the world of nonsense and scare the crisis.
About the Brazilian economy, told "Newsweek" that it was possible to lower interest rates because the country has "a central bank drive."
Knowing that the "Central Bank Drive" was raped by populism and forced to cut rates by force, the magazine could have published the statement as a joke Dilma.
But he preferred to pretend that he believed, not to disturb the myth of the cover.
Dilma was a success at the UN. He did not say anything relevant and came out with the costumes of Margaret Thatcher who put it on the left.
The show must go on. Let the hardships of life for the clowns and the taxpayers, or vice versa.

By Época/Guilherme Fiuza

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