quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2011

Brazil: a dictatorship with enough botox.

      The President is Dilma the back with a very serious problem, which is the possible loss of control of public accounts as the government is faced with a devoted old formula of treatment with their political allies, which is the tit--here, now adapted for mostneo-socialism, and that gets in your way already fueled, not forgetting the botox, that in the presentation, which is old, looks like what was never seen in this country.
      If the Central Bank is showing for some time, a position of independence, serving as abrake, slowing the increasing government spending, and also to conduct a civilizedpolicy of interest, which is one of the main goals for the maintenance of inflation atacceptable.

      Now the government comes in the person of President Dilma, order interest to be charged, and also most likely to establish, through the pen, the rates of inflation,exchange of statistics, the propaganda directed and everything else that looks with anabsolute state, and not to say a state with the face of the Workers Party - PT.

     By Julio Cunha

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